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Measuring Patio Doors for Glass

Here's how to measure your patio door for new glass, you must first know what kind of patio door you have older aluminum wrap around rubber or the newer vinyl type, the older ones you would simply measure the inside of the frame which is called the daylight measurement plus the depth of the rubber times two, you must also measure for the thickness of the glass, the newer vinyl patio doors are basically the glue in type and the best way to measure is to take out the snap in bead and for the thickness take a piece of cereal type cardboard material and put in in the gap of the glass and the frame and mark it with a pen and then measure the cardboard, for the width and the height you just measure the old glass providing it is still there, if its gone then you just measure where the glass would set less about 3/16 th of an inch, round it to the nearest eight


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