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Measuring Patio Screen Doors

Measuring for patio screen doors is pretty easy, basically the idea is to cover the opening so the bugs cant get in , for the width you measure the glass sliding door itself and add a half of an inch

For the height (now that means a little more thinking), patio doors always sag in the middle, So when you measure for the height of a patio glass door you measure in the middle where it is at its lowest point, that way the new screen door won't bind up and get stuck, its gonna do that anyway to a degree, unless you install a steel I-beam on the top and  one in the middle of your patio door it will always sag

First you get a ladder and you make a half way mark on the top channel in the middle of the patio door, then you
take your tape measure and measure from the top of the track on the bottom to that mark on the top channel, should be 78" or 79" or 80" or 81" or somewhere in between, mobile homes are smaller, do it three times to get it right, and now after doing all of that you should know what size to ask for when ordering for a patio screen door, now you have to decide the color of the frame and the type and color of the of screen do you want rolled form, extruded, gets real complicated, if you have an old patio screen door just bring that in.



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