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Measuring for Window Sliders

Has someone stolen or thrown away your sliding section of your window ?
if so before you pay the high cost  of getting a whole new complete window Cottles might have what you are looking for, we dont have them all, but we have a large selection

Measuring windows to replace your slider requires some thinking, most sliding windows have channels that the sliders go into but then there are the exceptions, windows without channels, we'll talk about those in a minute. the channel windows are pretty easy once you catch on

If you have a slider that is the same size or
most important maybe a different size but the same type , then you've got it made, you have a sample, but if you don't have a sample then you have to do it the hard way

First you must measure for the thickness of the slider that was there to do this you want to measure the channel width, not the depth, you measure all of the channels and less your measurement 1/16th of an inch

For the width of the slider you measure from the deep channel on one side
to the center of the center bar in the middle, you will sometimes see where the lock/handle has been hitting or rubbing

For the height you measure from the deep channel on the top to the edge of the channel on the bottom less about 1/8th of an inch


sliders "without channels" run on a flange, there are very few of these kinds of windows around, they are also hard to retro-fit  (use other slider types in there place)

For the width you measure the same as a regular slider

For the height you measure from the inside of the  flange's, "the daylight measurement"plus about 3/4 of an inch {which may vary)
Installing Sliding Window Sections
You simply lift the slider up and out, or sometimes there are anti burglar devices on the top and you have to open the slider all the way and then you lift it up and out you simply reverse the processes to install the slider.

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